iPad Contolled lights

iPad Contolled lights

This is project uses an Arduino UNO, an Ethernet shield, a relay and the TouchOSC app to control two lights from an iPad.

The following video is an overview of the project.

The following is a wiring diagram for the project:

You will need to add the Z_OSC library to you Arduino IDE.

The Arduino code can be downloaded from this link.

You will need to change line 13 of the Arduino code to the IP address of your iPad.

Get the TouchOSC App it costs €5.49.

Get the TouchOSC layout editor its Free.

You can download the layout I used from this link.

Open the layout in TouchOSC editor and press Sync.

On the iPad in the TouchOSC app go to layout, then Add and open the one from you computer.

TouchOSC can now be configured on the iPad:

  1. Open the OSC settings.
  2. Configure the OSC settings as shown.

The lights and Arduino can now be powered on.

On the iPad select the “relay 2 lights touchosc” layout in the layout section and press done.

You should now be able to control both baton lights using the iPad.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask,



This project was a repost of a project that I completed in 2014, this project was originally hosted on https://conorwalsh.net/projects



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