Home Network

Home Network

After my previous post about how to replace an Eir F2000, I decided to write a post about my Home Networking Setup.

Below is a diagram of my full home networking setup:

I have Eir’s Fibre To The House (FTTH), I get speeds of 300Mbps down and 50Mbps up. This comes into the house through an underground fibre cable. This cable is terminated in an Underground (UG) Termination box and then goes to an Optical Network Termination box which converts the fibre network to a gigabit Ethernet connection.

My Router is a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X, this creates two separate LANs one which has any devices that need to be remotely accessible (192.168.2.X) and a private LAN for normal use (192.168.1.X)

The public LAN includes a CCTV system, Raspberry Pi Cluster (TIM, NIKOLA & STEVEN) and a system for monitoring my garage alarm (See This Post).

Wifi for the house is delivered through 2 Ubiquiti UniFi Long Range Access Points, which are very reliable and I would definitely recommend them! It’s not completely necessary but I also have a Ubiquiti Cloud Key which allows for better management of the Access Points.

The rest of the private side is just Ethernet connectivity for Laptops, PCs, TVs and some of my lab stuff.

I have a networking board setup to help keep some of the networking stuff neat.

That’s my home network,

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask,



10 thoughts on “Home Network

  1. Hi Conor

    I like the post and blog. I have FTTH since a year ago,. The modem is a F2000 from Eir. Downloads speeds from the 5Ghz is around 150mbps from the F2000 router. It drops to around 70 mbps on the 2.4 Ghz. My issue is that I have a large house with a few direct Ethernet connections (PC, CCTV, IPTV, satellite receiver and a wireless link to a rental house about 200 meters away. These are all stable but I don’t get more than 60 mbps. I have two Tp Link AV600 powerline extenders for Wifi around the house, but I dont get more than 30 Mbps on these. My question is will replacing the F2000 help and what do I replace it with. Also do i replace it outright or just bridge it and replace it just with a router?

    1. Hi Hugh, Thanks for your interest in my content!

      Wi-Fi and wireless connections are always going to be slower than wired connections so physical connections are always preferable but are not always practical.

      5GHz Wi-Fi will offer faster speeds at a shorter distance and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi offers slower speeds but at longer distances.

      The Wi-Fi Access Points that I recommend in the post are excellent they have excellent range and seem-less handoff between Access Points. I have had bad experiences with TP-Link networking products in the past but that’s just my own personal experience. I have never used the specific products you mentioned though.

      Replacing the F2000 will more than likely not improve the speed of the internet in your house, it sounds like that is to do with the wireless extenders you are using. The main reason I replaced mine was because I had it bridged to my own router which was there before we got FTTH. There are problems that exist with the firmware on the F2000 which make it terrible for bridging to other equipment and because of this the link between my existing router and the F2000 kept going down almost every day (I wrote a script to restart my own equipment every 12 hours to fix this but this was terrible) so eventually I got rid of the F2000 completely.

      What a lot of people don’t realise (including myself until a few months ago) is that you don’t need a modem for fibre broadband only with adsl broadband, you only need a router so if you have a router and an F2000 you can get rid of the F2000 if you can change certain settings. My other post (https://conor.engineer/2018/02/10/replace-the-eir-f2000-router/) goes into more detail about how to replace it.

      To be honest though it sounds like its a problem with your Wi-Fi extenders not the F2000.

      Thanks for commenting,
      I hope this helps,

  2. Hi Conor
    Great set up and information !
    Some advice please
    Running two airport extremes for a few years now , one bridged to Eir F2000 and the other hard wired back , giving me two acess points .
    Solid performance with eir high speed , not full Fibre 70mps up
    I was looking to replace airport with a pair of Uni Lte , what equipment do I need apart from the AP , I have a 15 port switch already but no Poe , any help would be much appreciated

    1. Thanks Seamus,
      Unifi APs normally come with a POE injector so you shouldn’t need any other equipment. The cloud key is not a necessary piece of equipment it’s just a nice to have.
      Using the Unifi APs should improve your Wi-Fi speeds I normally get 171 down 49 up through mine.

  3. Thanks Conor
    Just revisiting this project , no progress yet ,
    I have fibre to cabinet and phone line to house , 70 up 20 down , as I said f2000 bridged to AirPort Extreme , but last few months constant drop outs with the f2000 and constant rebooting , can I replace this f2000 with the edge router with my setup or am I stuck with f2000 until I get full fibre to house ?

    1. Hi Seamus, I never had FTTC (We went straight from ADSL to FTTH) so I’m not sure what the configuration needed for FTTC is unfortunately.

    1. Hi Joseph, that should definitely be possible the process of setting it up would be different but the connection settings should be the same.

  4. Conor.Thank you for your information .
    I am an old IT no brainer !

    I have the eir fibre with the eir F2000 router . I want to add a POE to connect a Picostation M2 to send wifi to my glasshouse to run a wifi thermostat . My question is what POE would suit ?
    I tried the M2 directly to the F2000 on a short cable not a blip or indication on the M2 ??

    1. Hi Brendan,
      There are no PoE ports on the F2000 Ubiquiti sell whats called a PoE injector that you plug one side into the router and the other into the PoE device and that will power it.

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