Outside Light Spacer for Garden Power

Outside Light Spacer for Garden Power

I needed to run a wire from inside an external light to outside it to temporarily get power into my garden.

I needed to print a large hexagon the same size and shape as the top of the light shown below but with a gap for the wire to get through. But this shape was larger than the bed on my 3D printer.

So I designed the print in 3 parts. The parts are joined with cross-halving joints that will be secured with screws. The wire gap can be seen in the model too. The two holes are to allow the bolts that hold on the cap to pass through the print. I designed 1 generic part and modified that to create the 3 unique parts that make up the model.

I printed the three pieces at the same time.

One of the finished joints and screws can be seen below.

As this joint only touches on one side I didn’t put any air gap in the model and it worked perfectly.

The assembled model can be seen below.

The model fit onto the light as shown below. You can see the gap where the wire will emerge from the light.

The spacer isn’t really noticeable when the cap is replaced.

I won’t be publishing the files for this project as they are relatively easy to model and they would be specific to a given light and gauge of wire.


As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask,


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